Google made $4.7b using other’s content

Google made $4.7b using other’s content

ET TU GOOGLE? Or not?!

Google has recently come into question by the News Media Alliance, as the president and the Chief Executive of the alliance- David Chavern stated that the ‘40 percent of clicks on google is because of the content creators who also deserve their cut from the hefty profit of 4.7 billion dollars made in 2018.’

The News Media Alliance made their study public yesterday, by bringing into light on how Google dominates the media and news circuit. The bill would give the lawmakers a four year antitrust exemption, which would allow them to make propositions and bargain with the owners of online platforms.

The whopping sum of 4.7 billion dollar was only an estimate made by the News Media Alliance, as it did not count the value of the personal data that the company collected. Although the content generated by different news papers or media platforms is mirrored on Google News, it doesn’t pay for it’s plagiarism. If at times, Google or Facebook directs viewers to the news sites or news outlets, it is not out of sheer grace or morality but because of the profit generated through online advertisements. However, the Google Spokesperson claimed that, “ The overwhelming number of news queries do not show ads. The study ignores the value Google provides. Every month Google News and Google Search drive over 10 billion clicks to publishers’ websites, which drive subscriptions and significant ad revenue.”Many other analysts too voiced their skepticism towards the study made by the Alliance.

A few European countries too did take a momentous stand. Spain changed its copyright laws so that the newspaper companies had the right to ask Google News for a share in revenue. The turning point of this legal situation was that Google refused and instead insisted that if Spain wanted payment it wouldn’t be included in the index. So, Spain decided to not ask for payment as the free referral traffic that Google directed towards them was more than the fee they weren’t going to get from Google.

So is Google getting a larger bite from the share or not?!


Miss Ananya Chaturvedi
First-year student of Media & Communications at Manipal School of Communications
Mangalore, India