MechaniCar Inc. launches an Online Rating & Service Booking Portal for Auto Garages across the GCC

MechaniCar Inc. launches an Online Rating & Service Booking Portal for Auto Garages across the GCC
A few months after the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) announced plans to categorize and rate auto garages in UAE, Canadian-British company, MechaniCar Inc. and MechaniCar Inc. Limited, expands its reach in the GCC with a goal to assist car owners find a trusted garage in the city.
“We saw the ability to help connect car owners and garages in a simpler and effective way”, Raheb R., MechaniCar’s Business Director commented. “We have put the technological know-how to work and the end result is the world’s 1st platform of its kind, delivering tremendous value to users and auto garages alike.”
A vehicle is a significant investment. When it comes to road safety, regular maintenance and repairs become mandatory. Making the decision of where to have a car repaired is quite a serious one, and finding a reliable auto garage can be difficult. One can only rely on word-of-mouth for recommendations without any assurance. The good news is, there’s a smart solution to this issue. Motorists can now browse through the list of the nearest reliable garages following the launch of the website – Like Yelp or Zomato in the restaurant industry, MechaniCar allows customers to review and rate an Auto Garage based on their service experience.
Explaining the motivation for creating the platform, Raheb said: “Motorists should not be in the dark for maintenance-related work on their vehicles. Most importantly, they should have the knowledge to select the right place for repairs, which is not the case right now. One can only keep trying until he finds the right garage. Since there isn’t any fixed pricing on parts and labour, the repair fee estimates are not very transparent. We have developed MechaniCar’s online portal to tackle such problems with the help of user reviews and ratings. In addition, we will also be connecting with the traffic authorities across the GCC for integrating their grading and categorization system. A combination of official ratings and user reviews will push garages to compete for quality, transparency, and fair pricing. If not, they risk damaging their business. This will not only help to filter out businesses with poor ratings but also give an opportunity to recognize garages offering high-quality services.”
Businesses can easily register an auto garage on the web portal and start accepting online bookings, immediately. Post-registration, experts will visit the garages to rank and categorize them per multiple check-points. With the help of an integrated online booking system, motorists can instantly schedule a repair job on their car. Most of the listed auto garages provide complimentary drop-off and pick-up services, eliminating the need to rely on friends or ride-share services. The web-based solution incorporates a dedicated facility for services like mechanical, electrical and body repairs, paint shops, RTA registration and pre-purchase tests, vehicle interiors and upholstery, imported vehicles and the used car trade.
The service is currently available to motorists in selected countries such as Australia, Bahrain, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. As time progresses, more countries will be integrated into the platform.