Now find a parking spot easily in Dubai

Now find a parking spot easily in Dubai

Thanks to an initiative rolled out by the RTA, residents in Dubai will find it relatively easier to find a parking spot in the city.


The RTA has initiated the expansion of a smart parking system that that will enable motorists to hone on to a parking space in a relatively shorter span of time.


This system was first introduced at the Shaikh Zayed Road and on Baniyas Road and the current project is an expansion of the same. The expansion plans are being carried out at Al Rigga and Dubai World Trade Centre, in addition to further enhancements on the Shaikh Zayed Road.


The system encompases around 2,030 ground sensors and 70 overhead digital cameras that will be controlled by a central control system and will cover 3035 parking slots, thus enabling motorists to find vacant parking slots through the RTA app or through the signs installed at the parking lots.


The CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, Maitha Mohammad Bin Adai, said, “The system involves sophisticated technologies like ground sensors and digital cameras to monitor the usage of parking through detecting vacant slots and instantly transmitting information to the central system for display onto the information signs and the smart app”.